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Corvus Aviation is capable of providing integrated supply chain solutions for clients from the defense, government and commercial sector. In numerous projects we have supported humanitarian, military and international peace-keeping projects with our services. We make sure that staff and troops in conflict zones are equipped with the supplies they need to fulfill their mission.

Corvus Aviation has gained vast experience in fuel and food supply solutions, procurement, transportation, storage and site services. Projects geographically ranged from Afghanistan and Iraq to Northern Africa and the Sahelzone. We do not shy away from difficult environments, but undertake a customized, analytical approach to understanding the need of our client, and then develop streamlined, integrated systems that deliver results.

A far reaching network with contacts in many countries, institutions, organizations and on all levels allows us to provide a high level of service and quality.

Corvus Aviation tailors its customized solutions to the specific needs of each client, ensuring a rapid mobilization and deployment, even in difficult and hostile environments.

Every project and location is different. Know-how, experience, network and management skills are the tools, but tailor made solutions guarantee the successful execution of the project. Challenge us with your specific project needs.

Contact us and we will offer you a cost-efficient and timely service for all your transportation and supply requirements.